What makes Review Driver different from other review management tools?

Review Driver is the only easy to implement end-to-end solution for organic reviews encompassing monitoring, collecting, and amplifying reviews. The Review Driver solutions cover an industry leading 500 Review Sites and connects with over 350 counterpart systems (CRM, Social Media, Help Desk, Newsletters), so we can customize a solution for your needs.

How does Review Driver monitor my reviews?

We track your online reviews across over 500 review sites with daily and weekly reports. You may receive daily reports of ratings and reviews on the review sites that matter for each of your locations.

Why are so many local businesses showing up with bad reviews?

Complainers are motivated to complain. Happy customers are less motivated to share positive information.

Who benefits the most from using Review Driver?

Any business that has online reviews. This works for brick and mortar locations, as well as service related businesses (dog groomer, contractor, etc.).

Who is Review Driver NOT for?

Individual product lines (i.e. books or electronics) sold in local stores, and single websites without physical locations.

Why do online reviews matter?

Most consumers look at online reviews for businesses before they choose a company to do business with. Make your advertising dollars go further while attracting new customers.

Do reviews impact sales?

According to a Harvard Study, some businesses have reported up to a 20% drop in sales due to negative reviews. And for each star rating increase or decrease, businesses may lose or gain 5% to 9% in sales.

What does Review Driver do?

Review Driver turns happy customers into brand enthusiasts which increases your business’ sales. See real reviews from happy customers. Share great reviews on the review sites that matter the most. Increase your star ratings, build brand trustworthiness and get new customers in the door!

How do I collect real reviews from my customers?

Our system allows you to easily request feedback via email, text or through your company website. Customers can easily submit reviews and star ratings of your business. These can be branded, linked, and embedded into your website and Facebook business page seamlessly.

Is there anything I can do to promote reviews?

Yes. The Review Driver platform includes automated posting to social media channels, as well as social sharing tools that make it easy for your customers to recommend your company via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Will you contact my customers?

No. We respect your relationships with your customers.

May I reward reviews with coupons or special deals?

Yes. Our platform integrates coupons to reward customers for their feedback. You can decide what offer you would like for the coupon, and when a customer can use it.

Do I get to see the reviews before they are encouraged to be shared?

The system is configurable to work the way you want to work. The review is collected in real-time in our secure database. Our platform includes customer-sharing pre-filters to ensure that customers with positive feedback are asked to share on your behalf.

Are there other benefits?

There are many other benefits, including:

  • New Customers via Improved Ratings, Rankings and Reviews
  • New Customers via Local Search Listing Verification and Monitoring
  • New Customers via Testimonials
  • Repeat Customers via Email List Building • Repeat Customers via Winning Over Unhappy Customers
  • Repeat Customers via Couponing
  • Repeat Customers via Social Media
  • Chain Management – Know the Reputation of Every Location
  • Improved online reputation can help you attract and retain solid employees

Are there instant alerts?

Yes. An instant alert for any internal review and star range can be set up, and immediately sent to the appropriate destination (email, webhooks, social media, help desk ticketing, CRM case, etc.).

How does Review Driver share my reviews?

Follow-up emails to the right customers. They are then asked to share their review on popular review sites that matter most to your business.

Does every review shared stick forever?

No. Certain review sites filter reviews that are poor quality. High quality reviews speak from a unique first person experience and are less likely to be filtered.

How do I track the progress of my campaign?

The dashboard allows you to filter and customize reports.

How do I log into my Customer Portal to track my reviews?

Upon signing up, we will give you a unique login and password to your Customer Portal to access anytime.

What if I have multiple locations?

Review Driver can handle businesses with up to 50,000 locations. The user access can be infinitely sliced for regional and local access.

What is reputation management ?

Monitoring and managing your online reputation is critical for your offline reputation. Reputation management searches though online reviews, blogs, news, forums and social networks to identify what others have to say about your company. Information provided in the reports can be vital to your social campaigns and help protect your company image.

Is Review Driver compliant with all the major review sites?

Review Driver only encourages the sharing of real reviews from real customers, which is compliant with all review sites.

When I sign up, what happens next?

Upon signing up, we will contact you to help you setup, configure and customize your account.

What is a message credit ?

Message credits is the number of credits allotted to your account monthly. When sending your SMS campaigns 1 contact = 1 message credit.

What are roll over credits ?

Roll over credits are unused message credits. Each message credit that goes unused rolls over to the next month.

What are custom Keywords ?

Keywords are unique, identifying words that let you connect with your customers through your SMS marketing. When someone SMS texts in a keyword to one of our short-code numbers, their mobile phone number can be automatically added to your database of opt-in contacts

What is the billing cycle ?

The billing cycle starts the day you sign up through 30 days. An invoice is provided monthly on your initial sign up day.

What social media profiles do you manage ?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter

Do you have Social Media and SMS services combined ?

“The Works” package offers management of social media and sms text marketing. Please contact us if there’s additional services or if you would like to customize your own package .
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